Eyebrows - the most important accent of the face?!

Trends in clothes, accessories, make-up, haircuts and dyes seem to change at cosmic speed these days, but have you ever wondered if there are certain eyebrow fads? True, the latter are changing a bit more slowly: 7-8 years ago strongly plucked, thin eyebrows were fashionable, gradually there was a transition to natural-looking, neat eyebrows, and in recent years, lush, thick, sometimes even specially trimmed eyebrows have been at the peak of popularity (of course, this image more often created for artistic photoshoots, rather than everyday). With the increasing emphasis on the importance of eyebrows, the offer of eyebrow treatments has also increased.

Different eyebrow correction techniques. Why choose which one?

"I am very happy that more and more women are taking care of their eyebrows. We can also be happy about the fact that eyebrow correction techniques have improved a lot - now efforts are made to keep the shape of the eyebrows close to natural, natural-looking shades are used to paint the eyebrow hairs - this is how we try to create the effect as if nothing was done to the eyebrows, and their beauty is innate.

Currently, the most popular coloring techniques are "Henna" or chemical dyes. "Henna" paints not only the eyebrow hairs, but also the skin, in addition, thanks to its natural composition, it nourishes the hairs. Chemical dyes also color the skin, therefore, using them, you can get the same effect as when dyeing with "Henna". Therefore, the main criterion for choosing between these two painting methods is the composition of the paint. Attention, before painting with "Henna" dyes, it is recommended to perform an allergy test, because dyes with a natural composition can cause skin allergies.

"HD Brows" technique - using chemical dyes that do not stain the skin, a very natural result is obtained. This procedure is perfect for those who have a naturally beautiful eyebrow shape, but want neat, flawless-looking eyebrows.

In the photo, makeup by Karolina Taraškevich-Bethel.

There are many women who are not good enough for pain. Maybe some way of eyebrow shaping is less painful?

"Pain is a very individual thing - what is very painful for one person can be easily tolerated by another. However, practice says that wax is the most painful hair removal tool, it hurts less when plucking hair with tweezers. The client can always choose: suffer for twenty minutes while the hair is removed with tweezers, or five minutes for wax removal. I advise you to choose wax correction, because in this way, unwanted hairs are removed perfectly - a brighter and cleaner shape is obtained, which remains unchanged for a much longer time."

How is the shape of the eyebrows chosen?

It can be said that the shape of the eyebrows is dictated by the human face itself. Proportions must be maintained when shaping eyebrows - very wide, thick eyebrows are not suitable for a petite face, and too thin eyebrows for a round face can look not only unnatural, but even ridiculous.

Eyebrow color/shade. What does it go with?

The color of the eyebrows is combined with the color of the skin, the color of the hair on the head. It often happens that the hair is dyed in a warmer color than natural, so the shade of the eyebrows should be matched to them - the color of the eyebrows should not contrast with the hair on the head. For blondes, the eyebrow color can be similar to or half a shade lighter than the hair color on the head, and for dark hair, the eyebrows can be a half tone lighter than the hair on the head.

In the photo, makeup by Karolina Taraškevich-Bethel.

What tools are needed for daily eyebrow maintenance/shaping?

For girls with thinner eyebrows, I recommend choosing an eyebrow pencil - thanks to this tool, you can make your eyebrows more lush and widen their shape. The shadows are perfect for those with a wider eyebrow shape, as well as those who want to hide small eyebrow imperfections. Eyebrow gels are usually waterproof, so they are perfect for use in the summer. However, this is the most skill-intensive tool - due to the quick-drying consistency, you will have very little time to correct mistakes. I would recommend eyebrow gel with color to those who like a very natural look, because this product highlights only the hairs without coloring the skin.

If you have an important holiday coming up and you want your eyebrows to look perfect, when should you do correction and coloring?

I recommend doing eyebrow correction at least a week or three days before the holiday. I would also advise brides to take care of the shape of their eyebrows at least three months before the wedding and visit a specialist in this field regularly, every four weeks. Of course, on the day of the celebration, you can mask the flaws of your eyebrows with make-up, but if your eyebrows look great before applying make-up, the final result will be much better!

Mistakes. How to avoid them?

The most reliable and easiest way to avoid mistakes is to visit and consult with a professional eyebrow master. If you're asking about eyebrow care at home, here's the rule: less is always better! This means that it is important not to multiply the product, not to highlight too much and, in general, not to try to drastically transform the eyebrows.

Makeup by Elena Kostetska in the photo.

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