Kam reikalingas bandomasis nuotakos makiažas ir šukuosena?

Who needs trial bridal makeup and hair?

The meeting between the bride-to-be and her stylist(s) before the wedding day is much more important than it may appear at first glance. Before deciding whether she needs trial make-up and hair, the bride should keep in mind that:

It is very likely that the first people you will see on your wedding day will be your chosen makeup and hair artists. In addition, you will have to spend several hours with them. If you have already seen them before, it is likely that communication will be easier and the atmosphere during the preparation will be much better. After all, it is not for nothing that they say: "The way you start the day, the way it will be".

During the trial make-up, the master is given the opportunity to get to know not only your personality, but also to find out your facial skin type, hair characteristics and other important things that influence his work and determine the final result. This allows you to protect yourself from unforeseen situations, and neither the bride nor the craftsmen who decorate her want to face them on the festive day.

During this additional visit, you will have enough time to express all your wishes and expectations to the master. You will be able to look at the samples of makeup and hairstyles you have chosen together, discuss all the details of the celebration, and listen to the observations and recommendations of a professional. People who work in this field really have something to say.

The day when you have a trial bridal make-up and hairdo will be like a rehearsal before the big day. It won't take long to understand whether the chosen image is close to you. After looking at the image in the mirror, you will be able to assess whether the make-up is not too dull or, on the contrary, too bright, as well as whether the chosen hairstyle does not cause discomfort - loose hair does not fall into the eyes, etc. In addition, you will have the opportunity to see how you look in the photos, which will allow you to be 100 percent confident when you pose for a professional photographer on your wedding day.

If, after reading all these arguments, you are still hesitating whether it is worth sacrificing your time and spending money on trial bridal makeup and hairstyle, don't forget that you are buying peace of mind, well-being and priceless memories.

Photo author: Linas Dambrauskas.

Bride's make-up and hairstyle: Karolina Taraškevič-Bethel.

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